The CMS systems that Elipsa IT develops and offers are sophisticated tools for complete administration, structuring and design for web sites and portals.

The CMS also has built in mechanisms for Search engine friendly url's, meta tags, descriptions, image tags etc.

Elipsa's "Filomena" CM system is our constantly evolving product since 2002. Given the orientation of our work based on clients needs, the system has not yet assumed a standard form, but has collected all that's useful throughout the years.

We present highlights of what is "under the hood" in our systems.

  • portal mode through user groups (the editors, administrators, authors, lecturers etc.)
  • journalistic mode of data input: data are entered via forms (title, short description, detailed description, photo gallery etc.).That way the user doesn't have to spend time editing the content but can focus only on the entry. Of course, if desired, content can be additionaly visually changed and edited.
  • separation of content from display mode: content and its graphic design are two separate entities. This enables that through pattern alteration (templates, display styles) large amounts of content can be changed, and it's not necessary to design or modify each individual article.
  • multimedia gallery: video clips, links to video clips, pictures and documents (and document download counters)
  • integrated geolocation views: the coordinates to view location on Google Maps
  • editable (multilingual) content and content types (depending on your needs: calendar, articles, press releases, FAQs, image galleries, accomodation, etc.)
    the ability to change the visual appearance and content formats
  • the ability to change the structure of pages (sitemap): this option allows you to completely restructure the site according to future emerging needs
  • simple user interface
  • search engine optimization (SEO) calibration and built-in mechanisms for each link, the page segment: page titles, keywords, descriptions, user friendly URLs.

Elipsa's CMS also offers advanced features such as ESSE (Elipsa Smart Search Engine), security protocols, links available only to registered users, sitemap generators, internal users analysis, the integration of custom flash elements, cache system, integrated RSS modules and XML protocols, the ability to send and manage newsletters and banner management.